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“A Journeys Flow” John A. Salat

We all have a story, yet we are more than any story that defines us.

Let me lead you through a healing expression that will unite different cultures with genres. I am known by many to the national exposure I received through radio, television, and print as a creator and author of meditative Music, meditative Paintings, contemplative Books, and Zen Architecture.  I invite you to experience an unique connection.

My skills in bio-energetic healing timelessly wraps through the use from far East multi-facet systems. I am a certified Transformational Leader (CTL), certified Reiki Master (CRM), seasoned Tai Chi and Qi-gong instructor and registered Sidha®. As a teacher of energy flow and at mastery of Energy Psychology, I could tell you that my hundreds of classes and workshops offered have been on the Tao of communication, Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation, and Reiki multidimensional healing, all which my events have been attended by many famous people – including actors, producers, writers, politicians and some of the leading health practitioners in the country. More info of Books, Tours & Events.

Essentially, I am an energy flow conduit through many healing mediums. For example, when being a musician, streams of landscape sounds proudly embrace an architectural framework of ambient digital soundscapes that range sparkling of mystical to the effervescent. Through life space, exquisite sonic construction forms sounds for healing. When I use music to implement space, a dramatic 3-D audio landscape sweeps tonal winds through a blend of colored orchestration. I can create sounds which are visual palettes of color, taking listeners on a global journey to evoke inspiration and peace. An experience I call from my successful campaign music CD release, ‘Echoes of the Heart,’ now available at Amazon.com and other on and off line stores. The peaceful mood through these mediums builds sculpture with a rich myriad of emotions. Mixing these moods of rhythms contains a consistent tonal imagery of lush landscape; a spirit of visual and audio massage.  .

In my artistry of paintings, I can take you on another journey through a sea of ink.  Sumi-e medium starts from the artist’s energy flowing to the fingers down where the brush meets paper. The hand and brush strokes are the energy trails of the consciousness. This visual art is a fluid dance, transcending the imagination that boundlessly expands spirit of endless, meaningful experience. The ethereal quality of clouds, mist, vapors, breath partake of the light impression of Yin vocabulary while the stronger abstract forms such rocks, trees or subjects boldly act out the Yang lead role. The white background represents empty space where the essential opposite of elements allows the vision to explode onto this open canvas. The canvas is the birthing abyss, a flow which captures the entire story.  When I paint nature, I am the part of nature I paint.

But, if you were to ask me how I might define myself right now in this moment, I would tell you that I am an “Explorer” who has set sail on a lifelong journey to access ancient with modern wisdom. And I would tell you that my passion is to act as a “Guide to the Inner Worlds” for others who wish to explore their own inner territory.

Life can be much more fulfilling and exciting than most people are led to believe. Just as my gifts have been revealed to me, your gifts will be revealed to you, and to the world, when you awaken to who you truly are. I invite you to read my newly released book called; Tao, Art of Flow; now available at Amazon.com and other on and off line prominent bookstores. See also: www.TaoArtofFlow.com, To further deepen your personal exploration, I am offering you my book Study Group to “Ignite the Soul with this Energy Flow.” You may gain access to a vast vital pool using this ancient eastern wisdom that will reach the greatest treasures ever of your being.

Whether I am being a published musician, book writer, hands-on healer or licensed architect, I turn my boundless energies to composing streams that builds bridges of consciousness. There is an entire world within, right at the tip of your consciousness that is just waiting to gift you its treasures.

Come home to who you are…the journey awaits you. Invitingly at  Http://JohnSalat.info



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