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“Bracing Accidental Wisdom to Unlocking the Tao” 

Following Knowing without Reason: Is wisdom really following fresh creativity and not facts? We may see boredom follow us, yet when serendipity kicks-in, suddenly magic appears. What we notice when taping the source from the unplanned of beyond reason, we become the agents of flow. In this freedom to mindfulness, justification no longer has root. Instead, life richly pours new dimensions of intimate experiences.  During the class discussion, watch random wisdom take us joyfully into a journey of new responsiveness.  This ownership to “Accidental Wisdom” succeeds through infinite compassion and boundless wisdom; Mastering the keys of Tao.       

Accidental means in the dictionary “unexpectedly or unintentionally” However in thus discussion, “accident” refers to releasing the ego for rest, away from attachment. This release gives life a better chance to freely happen grander than our known means.

The context “accidental” can also expand as “what’s so” rather “what’s not” thus honoring life’s perfect path to “what is,” the way of Tao. In the theme of accidents, we are likely to share good fortunes proudly, but hesitant sharing being victims to circumstance. This is because our ego has a latent response of not quite matching-up incidents and instead justifies with “what just happen” or “why did it happen”. Whatever life scoops up, let’s look how we can embrace accidents into a warm wisdom of living through the Tao.

Rather observing accidents as haphazard of lost control, let’s allow adventitious moments create spontaneous experience that embraces “all that there is.” Supposed if we could align our life events as the “perfect incident” to honoring moments, then we may support the simple experience of living through Tao.

Outside the box of familiarity, real-time wisdom brews best when noticing “I don’t know that I had not known.”  These “AHA” moments opens new realms for streamed wisdom to access greater possibilities. Humbly knowing all this, what we don’t know NOW is the new power to birthing knowledge.

Traditionally, from the subject of “knowing” or “not knowing” follows consequences taught from most cultures. This tight rope philosophy brings too much baggage of high expectation of performance. Yet, how do we arrive to this innocent place of knowledge that will touch the Tao Wisdom and draw in our own subtle fields of awareness? To expand deeper without interference, let’s review some myths that may not serve or might kill the intrinsic knowing already brewing deeply through us.

First, we are already cognitively connected to this wisdom and somehow in our course of life merely found a turn- off switch to separate the “whole perfect and complete” states of beingness. We are both consciously and unconsciously creating this streaming wisdom.  Notice “unconsciously” is included as a “slip” word so the ego will not over-strain seeking right answers.

Some examples of bridging two words of knowing is day dreaming, blackout states, or even falling into half-awake / half-asleep trance of awareness.

Accidental wisdom is yielding to these fluctuations as authentic living dimensions.  The twin states of this awareness is like one foot in water and one foot out of the water.  This means we could embrace both levels of consciousness as vital connections for wisdom, bringing no attachment to thoughts or actions in daily activities.

It is this freestyle wisdom that falls into organic knowing.  When we let go of the ego of a certain way of controls does life’s wisdom accidentally happen through positive ways. The dissolved ego is fluid, softly forming ascertainably. Uncharted knowledge, accidental wisdom is fluid forms from what the Western world calls “blind faith”. We formlessly fall innocent to the moment into natural knowledge, tapped synchronistic so serendipity shows out from nowhere.

Beyond reason and into creative play, keeping “in-check” and “in- flow” with life experiences creates opportune moments. Having no reason do, understand or be even concern to be happy likely yields a ride through powerful serendipitous moments.  These elusive states appear more clearly by giving up our formal rights to know; soon we fall into a new paradigm of reverencing free flow of new wisdom. Soon curiosity will continually drive instinctively into subtle realms of knowing.  Like a fresh spring, uprising knowledge arrives from nowhere yet is everywhere. By letting go of our familiar controls, a new control takes charge beyond mentioning.  This knowing without attachment relaxes from all restrictions.

Tao cultivation to wisdom is clearing from mental chaos. These distinctions become release in the world we take for granted so that we may reveal newer wisdom that can be freshly harness.  Trust all of life’s contradictions as collective wisdom and then you may own to embrace life wholly.  The ensemble of thoughts plays to rest as it relaxes into an eternal transcendent stream of embodying wordless of meaningless wisdom.  Through perfect harmony, this integrative living yields new knowing of random wisdom, the generator of Tao.

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